May 12

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Question: ok i think me and my hubby need marriage counseling. but hubby said he thinks were ok. but i hate when he rolls his eyes when i talk about something and when he is playing video games and we dont talk and i say what do you want to talk about? he says i dont care whatever you want. and it makes me sad and when i start to talk about something like i said he rolls his eyes or huffs do you think marriage counseling might help? has it helped anyone else? thanks for any help
how can we maybe learn to talk more?

Answer: I think marriage counseling would probably help, but if your husband refuses, you can probably still work it out on your own. Reading books on improving your marriage can help too.

I recommend this author’s books:
They are Christian books about marriage, but have valuable info on how to relate to each other even for non-Christians. I wish I’d read them years ago!

Another book that was helpful for me to begin to understand the differences between men and women is “Men Are From Mars” by secular author John Gray.


  1. By gissle427 on

    You will be ok sounds like if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Any way you guys just need to communicate more.

  2. By Le Moi on

    Many relationships have this issue. I have had it as well. You need to first understand that everything can’t be about a long, emotion-filled conversation. He needs to understand that sometimes he needs to put down the video games and listen. I play video games with my man not just cuz I like them but also because I make an effort to share in his interest. Then I know when I want to have a deep conversation with him about what’s on my mind he will stop because it’s now his time to engage in something with me. You both need to develop some sort of balance, and talking to outside neutral parties often helps the other person see what wrong they have been committing in the relationship. Marriage counselling may very well help you guys, but so too can a good friend on either side you can get advice from.

    Oddly enough, you can learn how to talk to each other more by communicating directly what you feel is lacking. Say “I don’t like it when I say X and you roll your eyes. It’s as if you don’t care what I have to say and I would never do that to you.” Or say, “Hey baby, could you pause the game for a bit. There’s something I want to talk to you about.” Just be direct, and if he cares enough to take heed to your words then you guys will roll with it.

  3. By Ron A on

    That is the way us guys our at times. We tend to ignore the sensitive side of a woman like talking to her. It is not an excuse but a simple fact. Counseling can help but it takes two to tango. Think about this, when you goto counseling they tell you the right ways of communicating, keeping the lines of communication open on both ends. For that to happen both partys must listen. He sounds like he does not like to listen so I suggest you say to him, I have something to say and I really need you to hear it seriously. I have a hard time trying to talk to you when you roll your eyes back and huff. Is there something we can do so we can communicate better or is this a lost cause. Be direct and to the point. See what he says to that. Marriage counseling can only be good if both of you really put your hearts into it. Not just one of you. If you cannot fix it at home like this what makes you think paying for advice will help. Do you really want to dish out hard earned money for someone to tell you that what you have on your mind is important? Point blank either he listens to you or he does not listen to you. What you do with this is your decision.

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