1. By heloise9 on

    I just ended an almost seven year long relationship yesterday. Over the
    past year, I started wearing my jewelry less and less, and finally, not at
    all. He pulled away non-verbally in so many ways. I ended it, but this
    video helps me realize he helped end things with his behavior as well.
    Thanks for such an informative video.

  2. By EastLaDrunkPunx on

    me and my gf are inlove with eachother =] but one of her friends just keeps
    trying snd trying to get with my gf, he tells her he wants her, he needs
    her and idk what else, iv only met the guy once. she ses she’ll never cheat
    and that she loves me, but this guys pissing me off.. what should i do!!!!
    (she already told him their just friends and she sees him as a friend but
    he keeps trying.. should i just handle his ass?)

  3. By thagunshow on

    she wants a little attention, or else she would have stopped talking to
    that guy, the probles is with your girl. She should not talk to him at all
    anymore. That simple, and if the guy is the one that persist. then thats
    when you come in.

  4. By heloise9 on

    Hi paralyzer1111. Actually, I have moved on well. I was in terrible pain
    after ending it, and briefly tried again because I was in such pain. But as
    soon as I decided to get back together, I instantly felt trapped again.
    Despite the pain, I felt freed of this burden my relationship had become.
    Our relationship had basically been over for 2 years, and we just didn’t
    want to go through the pain of breaking up. I would tell my friends during
    the last two years that I basically felt like single.

  5. By heloise9 on

    If you want to try and save things, then talk to him now rather than later.
    I talked to my ex; he never listened. If it already feels over, then it
    probably is, and someone needs to step up and admit it. I’ve since moved
    on, which seems like a rebound, but after a sexless relationship of two
    years, I knew I was ready to date. I am far happier and realize the
    intimacy my former relationship lacked. I feel like I have learned and
    grown from it. The grass can be be greener, and in my case, it is.

  6. By Cori McCullough on

    I have to disagree. If she tells him the facts and he won’t stop, ok, maybe
    she should stop talking to him, but if he is cool and respects her answer,
    why not be friends,..but i know what you mean, i was in a similar situation
    with my boy friend,..with a few differences,… remember.. it takes two,
    ..I was not so lucky. I walked in on something i didnt want to walk in on.

  7. By Jason Wilson on

    ok my gf is realy starting to scar me…..i mean that shes been talking to
    this guy (on my phone no less) and the way he talks makes me sick ( the
    first night they started talking him and his friend were talking about out
    of the two of them which one she would fuck first) and when i heard that i
    wanted to track him down and fuck him up but anyway….the reason im scared
    is the more they talk the more she seems to like him and she was tallking
    to him yesterday

  8. By Jason Wilson on

    thanks but i dont have to worry anymore because i beat the shit outta them
    yesterday so it was a christmas present to…..piece if mind….and whats
    more is she dont care lol

  9. By Jeremy Ward on

    Ive noticed this from my girlfriend 🙁 And i try to give her space whilst
    letting her know my feelings. She also doesnt seem to want to talk with me
    as much and Im the one trying to get the contact :(. Im so scared I love
    her so much…what have I done to mess things up so badly :'(. She used to
    say she loved me so much and was so sure of it :'(

  10. By STINGRULES91 on

    I was with my girlfriend for nearly 2 years , i fought she was the one and
    last year in may we split up , which was my fault….ever since that day i
    have regretted it , tried to move on , but the ppl i got with cudnt quite
    fil the gap , and now i want her back more than ever and i have told her im
    willing to do anything but she still cant trust me ….any advise on what
    to do..i cant move on its impossible , my heart is fixed on her, shes my

  11. By RJ N on

    My boyfriend doesn’t like it when I hug him, or tease him, or try to kiss
    him while he’s doing anything.. Sometimes he pushes me away or threatens to
    hit me.. & it bothers me.. coz I like doing that, I like being touchy.

  12. By 1975dze on

    @jwardmagic07 Yeah, they (whichever gender is doesn’t matter in this
    context) make you believe that they love you so intensely, you fall in
    their trap and boom all of a sudden they leave you without saying a word as
    if you are a robot. They treat you like a piece of thrash don’t they? What
    kind of a game is this? Sorry, but my definition of love is quite
    different. Please do not worry, you have done nothing wrong. Inconsistent
    and confused people do not bother me anymore …

  13. By BunnyGoreChainSaw on

    My guy wants his space 🙁 he has’nt talk to me for two days :'( he told me
    he was mad at me and im to clening and stuff *sigh* I do so much for him
    and im buying him a plain ticket to come an see me

  14. By Esha Rohmatun on

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  15. By Haley Trevizo on

    man that was pretty good! she actually helped me realize that I’ve been
    doing a lot of those things.. just trying to figure out how to get back on
    track and resolve things

  16. By Sree Lakshmi on

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  17. By Actor Kris Mavericko on

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