1. By Priya Doshi on

    first of all, this is not fair to your current gf at all. there is no way
    you can truly love both of them, so until your feelings are sorted out, you
    shouldn’t continue to along with your current relationship. second of all,
    that phone call is definetely not a sign. again, your feelings are
    conflicted..and so are hers. she obviously isn’t feeling secure if shes
    calling you like this when she has a bf. from what it sounds like, both of
    you are not in healthy conditions right now to be dating.

  2. By beachbummm69 on

    A life coach? ?? Are you married? If so for how long, if not WHY your an
    expert.. do you really want people who cant figure things out for themselve
    to reproduce?? dont we have enough uneducated single mothers on welfare,
    how about teaching birthcontrol and how to avoid STD’s?

  3. By SD1Chargers on

    Divorce is a common problem. Look…my experience taught me many things.
    With age comes wisdom. Guys…stay cool, be patient, follow your GUT
    feelings about a girl…you are either in for sex or a relationship. The
    two are not always combined. If you can cultivate the relationship over
    time – you will get the best of BOTH. Take your time…be picky…don’t
    settle…be proud of yourself when you do find the one you FEEL for…and
    let her know that you are proud that you found her.

  4. By einarabelc5 on

    @SD1Chargers You forgot to mention: Be ready for the relationship to end at
    any moment. Any other way and you’ll become clingy. ERGO End of story.

  5. By einarabelc5 on

    I have loved at least two women concurrently. There’s no really love. Just
    love. Projecting your view as perfect over others is a sign of disrespect.
    You don’t know how to listen, how are you supposed to give advice?You have
    to be careful because approaches like yours could create more of the same
    problems with relationships on the current society.Your post reminded me of
    the Victorian era.You forgot to mention the word SIN. And never mentioned
    honesty.Oh wait you’re 17. figures.

  6. By einarabelc5 on

    @steel76man Be honest to both of them. Loving a woman doesn’t mean you can
    be with her. You have to become a grounded man, feel the pain and then let
    go of it. Say to your current, if still, that you have feelings for the old
    one. Then go back and talk to the old one.Figure out if getting back is
    what you really want. But DON”T LIE. Specially to yourself. Any other way
    and you’ll be miserable. You have to figure out if you really can coexist
    together in spite of love.

  7. By drumsaremylife1 on

    I have a problem if any of you guys would like to pitch in and help….me
    and my gf have been dating for a while and i love her more than anything
    and one of my friends and her friends says that he likes her…im not too
    bothered by it at first but then a few days later my gf texts me saying
    that he kissed her but she pushed him away, but she doesnt seem to be mad
    at him and shes been texting him a lot…but yet she says she will never
    leave me and shell be with me forever…what should i do?

  8. By OhhGlam18 on

    Wow she hit the nail on the head… Great advice! My man needs to see
    this…always thinks he’s right lol and I need to start asking for what I
    want. And not be shy about it.

  9. By 87dadaumpa on

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  10. By JCole131 on

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  11. By lakshmi priya on

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