1. By lokkkness on

    This helped a lot, I need to talk to my gf because we don’t spend enough
    time together, I’m still in love but I feel like Im falling out of love
    slowly, because she doesnt seem to care that much when we spend this much
    time apart. I hate it, I hate that she thinks only the weekends are good.

  2. By DanaFillmorePsyD on

    @lokkkness So glad this helped you! Spending time together makes an
    incredible difference in keeping a relationship strong.

  3. By Frederick Rapp on

    I found it interesting how you ranked the 4 categories. Spouse ahead of
    kids? Are you serious? Growing up, my mom always told me that once a woman
    has kids, the husband must take a back seat. Given the choice of saving her
    kids or her husband if they were all drowning, 99% of women would save
    their kids first. Kids represent the future, once a guy spreads his seed,
    he in essence becomes a has been. Sorry guys, if you want to be #1 in a
    woman’s life; don’t have kids!

  4. By Frederick Rapp on

    @DanaFillmorePsyD There is also a class aspect to your 4 priorities in
    marriage. Wealthy couples can and do hire many household tasks done such as
    cooking, cleaning, yard work, time with kids, paying bills, etc… Also,
    their homes are much larger, with more privacy zones. This lends itself to
    more intimacy and more date nights if the couple so chooses. Average folks
    are much more tired at the end of the day because their life is so much
    harder than are affluent couples. These are facts.

  5. By blcdfblcdf on

    @DrGspicylove121 Haha that’s what I’ve always wondered too… but
    differently….more like; “What’s that lazy old fart doing anyway? Can’t
    whip up a few miracles anymore? Sheesh.”

  6. By Meticulous21 on

    Well, I just broke up with my bf.We`ve been together for a year.In the
    beginning, we had as much time together as we could but then, when he moved
    into his city, we used to see each-other more rarely.twice or three times a
    week.However, that doesn`t mean that I stopped loving him or whatever but
    he found it extremely suffering and painful to continue like this so he
    broke up with me, saying we should go on being friends until we start
    living together.Will this work out?Opinions…:(

  7. By Razzia Lowne on

    Im with a man who just cant seem to get off my back with his jealousy, it
    onley shows me how insecure he is..while he is the one working at clubs day
    in day out, and i dont get to see him that often..i never have issue with
    jealousy, cause i woudnt care less if he would cheat..ive already been
    cheated once, and im kind of immune to it..as for him..he drives me crazy
    and we are engaged, what makes it harder to seperate..but its nt working
    and i refuse to get married this way ,any advice please!?!

  8. By Michael Del Carlo on

    omg don’t even get me started so my school plays basketball and I’m playing
    and my gf is the cheerleader… so after the game I try to put my arm
    around her and she’s all like NO DONT TOUCH ME! then she goes to her
    friends hugs them and flirts with them then I feel like shit…. I say nice
    things and she calls me embarrasing and stupid and an idiot alot… she
    said she might want to break up because I’m too emotional when she makes me
    feel like a worthless asshole

  9. By Ashley2098 on

    Inbox me plz if you are willing to give me advice ON MT BOY DILEMMA! !! OR
    if u need help I can help!!!

  10. By ilikepie3.1415926 on

    so I know this guy and he says he likes this other girl but he always hangs
    with me and r we friends or love?!?!?!???!???!!!! if u want more details
    comment me and ask. but I can’t tell u names or ages.

  11. By jordy439 on

    yeah. me too. i was actualy using that program also because i want to bring
    her back but I did! It helped through the most difficult situation. Ive
    ever gone through. I really appreciated it. Anyway, u forgot to put the
    site name. Its: GettingBackTheEx (d0t) info

  12. By Joe Smith on

    dump her! trust me you will be better in the future! just trust me! look
    her in the eyes and tell she will never have a happy marriage acting the
    way she acts. then tell her she doesn’t deserve you, turn around and never
    talk to her again. do this now, today! so your marriage and kids don’t pay
    in the future. Good Luck and Be Strong!!!

  13. By gorlist187 on

    What i find funny, is that women have the best ideas…and also the most
    evil intentions. but then again i no longer really seek it…but here i am
    thinking i can come here and be negative.. and…i notice you are
    right…perhaps..BAH! maybe im just bitter, or maybe im just a male, and
    feel a bit inferior on this subject.. :S hmm..women seem to have the best
    ideas…provokes us men properly…and perhaps my bad luck is a factor

  14. By Anti Law on

    My problem? Girlfriend of 2+yrs. Her daughter now 12. the father deceased
    few yrs ago.(she wanted a divorse from him being controling, as she told
    me). Her daughter was nice and lil” sweety at first,now her pre-teens she
    is coping attitude and use it to get mom against me.now I guess I am a mean
    guy because we got into mature argument over her lack of money
    responsibility.The other issue now is daughter is jealous when we are
    together. she thinks I”m taking mom away and gets very nasty rude.cont

  15. By Anti Law on

    and will hit me and try to get me rialed up”.then mom gets mad at me.I
    am,and have been very nice to her and would love to have/take care as a
    daughter. now she sleeps with mom and when tired etc..will pull mom with
    her and away from me.mom is not disiplining her to be respectfull toward
    me, and if mom gets nasty to me(for any uncalled for reason)I belive she is
    picking up these cue”s and thinks its ok to be nasty to me cuz mom does
    nothing.VERY FRUSTRATING!..continued…

  16. By Anti Law on

    Yesterday her daughter was kicking me and slapping me in the face(all the
    while she is getting a thrill with her new found power over mom). Mom says
    it is just not going to work out because of her daughters feelings about
    me, and insist that its not because she is jealous.I think mom may be
    cheating and useing as a front to push me out.Mom has the authority but not
    doing anything.she doesnt know but its teaching her that its ok to treat
    men like this.very sickening!! to the least!!

  17. By lainx69 on

    I have a question, i had an ex before, who was extremely reserve and she
    wouldn’t ever show that i was, appreciated, or tell me she loved me… She
    prefer to show affection through act’s, and she told me i should know she
    loves me. However its my fault too, when i have first told her i loved her,
    i had ran away from her because she was always mad at me. I took a very
    long time to open up to her completely and gave her my entire heart..
    However, she always told me harsh things and it always broke

  18. By Ankita Gupta on

    Hi Dana , Your videos are very helpful with full of inspiring events which
    teach on how to deal the situation differently than a person would normally
    do .I wanted to share some misunderstanding happening between us and would
    like to get your advise on it .WHat’s the best way to contact you .

  19. By DanaFillmorePsyD on

    Hi Ruby, I am sorry to hear that you are having redundant arguments with
    your husband. My suggestion is to check out our program on our website
    Strong Marriage Now . com. We have a specific program “Effective
    Communication for Couples” that is very fitting for your situation. Best of

  20. By laxmi lama on

    You already know that infuriating situation when your close friend (who’s
    been a loser for all of eternity, incidentally) gets an unbelievable girl
    to fall for him in a couple of weeks? Yep, that materialized. I am aware
    that I ought to be happy but I would rather it to be me. He explained he
    used the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to disappear
    inside a cave as we speak.

  21. By Dee Woodbury on

    We have stopped communicating, He has tried to tell me on more than one
    occasion, I did not listen and did nothing, now he wants to divorce, we
    have spent next to no time together, sex is nil, which is my fault and
    there is no infidelity.they say the light bulb theory, when it goes of its
    WOW why didn’t I see it, I want to work on how I can change this, and have
    him fall in love w/ me again.

  22. By pgthinker007 on

    Dr. Fillmore,
    #1 enemy is selfishness. Selfishness destroys relationship. Life is not
    that perfect the way you want. I have been in relationship for 14
    1/2 years. We do not have time together since she has a son with
    disabilities, but I do not cheat. Also, I want my own kids, but I do not
    cheat. You see? Many years ago, people used to tell her that I would leave
    her since I am 13 year younger. Sorry for my bad English. I am Georgian;-)

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