1. By Johanna Figueroa on

    if onlythis video was here 10 months ago.. I was in a relationship wasn’t
    very long but I knew I was unhappy and started getting insecure with him
    about 3 months into the relationship and I ended up staying with him
    because I thought it would get better, only got worse. but I mean made me
    learn that I need to be happy and confident in myself. 

  2. By Heather Crutchley on

    I just realized today that my ex that I left in july is a sociopath. He
    matches every single sign.

  3. By Caitlin Cargill on

    It’s really great to see a girl who is confident in saying “fuck you”
    basically when a guy is clearly playing them. Many of my friend’s
    boyfriends’ are absolute nobs to them and cheat on them etc, yet they go
    back to them everytime. I agree with you Sammi, fuck them haha!

  4. By Yesenia_22 on

    Such a great video, only 6 minutes into it….and I can relate to a lot of
    the advice you are giving!

  5. By SuperAnnaanna1 on

    I’ve found your channel recently and I can definitely say you’re the best
    beauty guru. It is not only how to apply makeup or do morning routine, it
    is about your AMAZING and SHINING personality. By nature I’m a bit
    pessimistic and have sad outllok on life , but your videos help me to stay
    positive. Thank you so much! 

  6. By Whisper Whitley on

    I just got out of a unhappy relationship, and I am so much happier. We
    broke up once before, and I regret getting back together because nothing
    changed. We still had the same issues. I’m moving on and becoming a better
    happier person (=

  7. By leslie w on

    great video. you are so honest and inspirational. this made me feel so
    liberated. keep up the good work!

  8. By StylesbyGinny on

    I just wanted to say that the fact that you get emotional from giving
    people advice and saying that you want them/us to be happy, makes you such
    a sweet and good person. I think that you have a great way of thinking
    about life, very realistic but you also seem to believe in the goodness of

  9. By Glenn CoCo on

    Sam, I really look up to you. You are such a positive person and your
    friends, family and bf are lucky to have you in their life. xxx

  10. By Sincerely Lilly on

    Do you think you can make another video about this? It’ll be really helpful

  11. By mya st.julian on

    You are a very beautiful person and thank you for your power wisdom advise
    about relationships

  12. By unicorn stampede on

    I love how she’s got a perfectly lovely british accent and then suddenly at
    13:34 = “umm ain’t nobody got time fo dat” HAHAHAHA

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