1. By SWMartialArts on

    I have had some amzingly bad relationship problems because of unharnessed,
    misdirected sexual energy. this has caused problems between my ex fiancee
    and myself that i would give anything in order to remedy. We both made some
    hardcore mistakes, but she’s still the person i want… how do i get her to
    fall in love with me again after everything that’s happened? Thank you for
    pointing this bit out, your videos are making a huge difference for me
    little bits at a time.

  2. By Blad771 on

    Ok we get what the problem is, now you should go more in detail about how
    to solve it and master this energy…..

  3. By lushiouspig on

    This guy throws around the word ENERGY like he does with his small cock.
    Does this dumbass even know what the term energy means ?. He has no idea
    what he’s talking about.

  4. By NowIsOurTime on

    Noah – don’t let hatefulness getcha down (in case you needed a reminder
    ;-)). According to NVC, everyone is ALWAYS either saying please or thank
    you, every single time they speak. 😉 Marshall Rosenberg rocks my socks
    😉 And as if you take down that image of the woman with the gun as if
    that’s scarier or a bad thing, YOU will be my sock rocker too! 😉

  5. By loveslifeslemonade on

    The video was thought provoking but i don’t fully understand how to deal
    with my sexual urges according to this video. I didn’t understand the bit
    about harnessing energies. What does that mean?

  6. By avan812 on

    Thanks. I am so amazed by your profound insight about these topics. I do
    truly admire you! You’re AWESOME!

  7. By MsJaguar333 on

    Would you be kind to clarify these actions? I read it in several books
    (from Thing and grow rich to tao, tantra and kamasutra sexuality books),
    but unfortunately I fail to understand the concept, or more importantly put
    it into action. Many thanks for your exceptional efforts and wisdom!

  8. By Ihab alhamarneh on

    thats true when when the man start understanding the emotional part of them
    and start connecting from that point of view and add the masculine energy
    of safety and clarity on it ,, its huge what can happen to the relation 

  9. By TheKasiaification on

    *yep christelle, I did that also but it didn’t worked. It just made me
    crazier. Good thing my friend shared me this program! Ive learned a lot of
    good things that will make him back and it worked! It also helped me
    getting our relationship much longer and healthier. It was really a great

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