1. By KissedBySnowProduc on

    @SHSchoirnerd i hate it when people say tht! i like only say yall i say
    yall aint and tuff like tht its wierd when ppl say what yall r talkin bout

  2. By Hamy Huynh on

    Well last year i had a boyfriend and i kept it from my parents for a month
    but then i was feeling very guilty and i just told my mom. she asked me to
    break up with him because she didnt want me to date until i was older. but
    the thing was we didnt want to at all and we kept it a secret for another
    month. then we broke up. haha relationships are so funny at times.

  3. By mskksoo on

    well now that im 17 i could date all i want..but my twin sisters are
    turning 15 and one of them has a boyfriend but my dad doesnt really let
    them hang out, only in school or if im there.lol

  4. By mimzi97 on

    Can you do a video of liking your best friend? They know you like them but
    they just want to be friends, yet they still show signs of liking you too?

  5. By rachael f on

    I come from a little redneck town where people start dating in like 5th
    grade and my parents don’t let me date till I’m a freshie and some people
    think I’m a friggin lesbian!

  6. By RanDomME4u on

    my boyfriend’s parents don’t have a problem with me but they generally
    don’t let him go out a lot especially on a daily basis so we get to see
    each other once a week for less than an hour…what should i do??????

  7. By RanDomME4u on

    @cheercutietot he’s totally worth it!!!!!and i know he wants to see each
    other more too…he has talked to his parents but they don’t get him!:(
    thanks for the advice anyways!!!:D

  8. By andy leininger on

    I disagree. I think if your parents don’t like the guy or girl you’re
    dating and they’ve met the person they may have good reason. If they
    haven’t met the person, I think it’d be a good idea to introduce them to
    your parents. That way they will be more comfortable with that person and

  9. By Nick Garcia on

    I think my situation is the worst here. Im a 16 year old guy who lives in a
    house full of girls (im the middle child) and im not allowed to date
    -_________- so i tried to sneak a relationship by with my GF but my mom
    doesnt like her. She thinks she bad. And shes basically embarassing the
    hell out of me. I mean im 16? Not no damn 11 year old…This is just
    bullshit now. I want advice, PLEASE?

  10. By Bree Zuberbier on

    rip ben .. i didnt know you but you are an amazing guy and im sad your no
    longer with us .. </3

  11. By rebecca johnson on

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    change thanks! We really do love you Ben!! <3

  12. By sunil sai on

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