1. By M Watson on

    You guys are obviously a great couple together but your relationship comes
    first, then the other things in life including your Youtube followers and
    whatnot. It may not be all clear sailing at the moment, but you guys appear
    to be best friends, and if that’s true, things will work out. I know that
    if my boyfriend and I were in a similar situation, we would. I’m sure you
    guys will too. Great things happen to great people, and you guys will heal,
    together. 🙂

  2. By JustKeepFlying on

    There was a king who planned to alleviate the poverty in his own kingdom by
    invading the prosperous nation next to his own, but a court poet had said
    this: “One always sees the wretched parts of one’s own land and the best
    parts of one’s neighbor’s.” I remember watching some videos and thinking
    they have fun all the time but forgot they have problems too.

  3. By haley capps on

    It’s jeana* sorry I had to do it -_- I know this is old, but awe I wanted
    to cry when I watched this. 🙁

  4. By claire con on

    take a break if you think you need one guys. we love you and we respect any
    kind of decision you will make, if it means it will help your relationship
    please take as long as you need because nobody wants you guys to break up
    your too good for eachother. anyways whatever happens we’re here for you
    and we love ya

  5. By matto195 on

    I personally enjoy the vlogs that are more normal and down to earth. The
    exciting ones are awesome don’t get me wrong but I personally relate more
    and enjoy the laid back vlogs!

  6. By mitchell cook on

    it really doesnt matter. as long as we get to watch videos you guys put it
    you can do whatever you want

  7. By GetLucky on

    When i first saw the title i thought it was a joke for us, like u do to
    each other, but at the end of the video i realized it was true. I dont know
    if you are ok now, cause i watch ur vlogs in a random order, but i wish for
    it and i wanted to say that its defenitely not “a must” to do videos
    everyday. I understand this might be boring like everything else in life
    when its supposed to be done, for any purpose. Couples fight ofc but the
    only think to consider is if these fights keep us united or seperate us.
    Thats life, give it a try, never surrender to problems, if your feelings
    are true. Being together means winning against all bad things may occure.

  8. By Alex Hunter on

    Jesse, Jeana, we understand that you love to vlog awesome stuff. but at the
    same time you’re normal human beings who do normal everyday boring stuff.
    And I’m sure we as the DFN wouldn’t mind if you vlogged some of that
    normality. I certainly have no objections. Stay safe, stay strong.

  9. By digitalheadless on

    Please don’t ever break up guys I was shocked when I heart Charles and Alli
    broke up…and actually I didn’t really followed them as close as I do with
    you…I can’t even imagine what a shock would be to see you guys breaking
    up…God Bless you two 

  10. By Liz Oswald on

    I like how Jeana and Jesse work on their relationship, there are always
    going to be hard times but they love each other and therefore do their best
    to make things work. 

  11. By Angela Santos on

    I my opinion you both need to put that great energy in the bedroom and
    start thinking of new idea in there. 

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